« Can Hello Kitty continue to rule the world ? » (Based on Melinda Varley’s article – Brand Strategy)

Hello KittyOver the last few years, “Japanese manga, anime, fashion, and other pop culture has taken the world by storm”: Astro Boy, Sakura, Pucca and many other famous Japanese brands have rushed into the Asian, the European and the North American fashion markets; but one of them, more than the others, seems to have a particular success and gives rise to a real consumption fever: Sanrio’s mascot called Hello Kitty. Celebrating its 35 years of existence in 2009, Hello Kitty is not only a simple cute, innocuous cat face but also a very lucrative one, known as the “$1 billion” lifestyle brand. Both these global, contagious and money-making aspects make what some observers named the “pink globalization” an interesting phenomena to analyze from the consumer behaviour point of view. In order to elucidate the key elements of Hello Kitty’s appeal to the whole world’s consumers, we will try to identify the different attributes, steps and then influences which lead people to purchase a Hello Kitty product, despite their dissimilar intentions or devotion levels for the brand. To end, we will also try to discriminate how Sanrio is reinforcing its customers’ positive attitudes and involvement, creating a stronger relationship with them, making them committed, loyal or even obsessed with the brand as time goes, and because of this, ensuring its jeopardized sustainability…

To read the whole document, please download it here :

Buyer Behaviour Essay : « Can Hello Kitty Continue To Rule The World ? »


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